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Tattoo to remember a child

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Apparently, the child who wrote the note passed away so the Dad decided to have a tattoo of it. What a beautiful tattoo tribute to remember a child. Photo grabbed from: Amusing Feed Ready to Rock: Brand-Name Stereo & Music … Continued

Stunning Digital Art

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Looking for a stunning Digital Art? Here are some amazing digital art samples that you can use for free. Send us a message and we will tell you where you can download free wallpaper images.

Funny Animal Selfies

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Animal selfies do exist! Selfies, selfies, everywhere! Whether we like it or not, we will encounter someone, somehow, who will take a snap or two when they get the chance. Why not our furry friends as well? Everyone is doing … Continued

Amazing Colorful Rock Mountains in China

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Here are amazing colorful Rock Mountains in China These rock formations in the Gansu province of China lies Zhangye Danxia Landform naturally formed streaks of brilliant colors of red, green and gold. The physical formation of the landscape is the … Continued